MaxVal Releases Annuity PayerTM Law Firm Edition

Combining more than a decade of patent management experience with an intuitive annuity management engine built from the ground up, MaxVal’s Annuity Payer™ provides a reliable and cost-effective annuity payment and management solution.

Los Altos, CA: MaxVal Group, a Silicon Valley based patent portfolio management company introduced Annuity PayerTM Law Firm Edition (, an annuity payment and management solution by MaxVal.

Annuity Payer

MaxVal’s Annuity Payer is a cost-effective and intuitive patent annuity management solution powered by MaxVal’s patent experts and the AP web-based platform.

The AP Platform optimizes the renewal process by providing comprehensive visibility to renewal terms, fees, and status. The AP Platform allows a user to track the process of fee payment and to access payment receipts.  The AP Platform’s budgeting and analysis features allow a user to gain valuable insights to the future cost of maintaining a patent portfolio across various jurisdictions.

Leveraging over a decade of patent portfolio management and patent-centric software product development experiences, MaxVal’s Annuity PayerTM patent annuity management solution offers cost-effective annuity payment with simplified workflow and transparent fee structure. Annuity PayerTM operates on a simple flat fee structure with no additional agent fee annual management fees, subscription and sign-up fees or reporting fees.

What’s New with Annuity Payer? Annuity PayerTM Law Firm Edition

By working with MaxVal’s law firm users, which include some of the most prestigious patent firms in the industry, MaxVal has designed the AP Platform’s Law Firm Edition.

One of the new features of the Law Firm Edition is the Integrated law firm access that allows a law firm to manage multiple clients patent portfolios by linking with a client’s Annuity Payer account. By linking with a client’s account, a law firm user can review annuity actions and update the assets in a client’s portfolio. Law firm user can switch easily between their client portfolios and to review the status of renewals without having to log- off the portal.

The linking feature maintains the separation of a client’s account and maintains client’s engagement for annuity payment responsibilities to minimize liability for Annuity Payer’s law firm users while allow the law firm users to be able to review annuity actions as needed without having to docket annuity matters directly.

Although the AP Platform Law Firm Edition can be a great asset to law firm users, MaxVal understands that various law firms have various requirements. MaxVal has designed various custom workflows and arrangement to work with Annuity Payer’s law firm users.

Some of the key important features of MaxVal’s Annuity Payer:

ü      Experienced annuity specialists with up-to-date knowledge of patent annuity rules

ü      An international network of agents covering all major jurisdictions

ü      Simple patent portfolio upload to

ü      Instant cost estimate through Patent Annuity Estimator™

ü      Dashboard providing a snapshot of projected budget, upcoming, in-progress, and completed renewals

ü      Intuitive interface to provide annuity instructions

ü      Competitive service fee