Max-PAIR – Enhancements


MaxVal’s Max-PAIR is a private PAIR alert desktop assistant that enables legal operations and responsible attorney(s) track and email PTO activities for applications associated with a customer number.

Max-PAIR Enhancement

With Max-PAIR’s enhancement now attorneys can

·         View (automatically) IFW activities for their applications with periodic alerts

·         Receive up-to-date bibliographic information of their applications

·         Select their desired applications with the customized drop down menu, e.g. PCT, Provisional and Non Provisional applications.

MaxPAIR V3.5 Features

·         Emailing all IFW activities for the newly added applications (first time) with alert. 

·         Blocking newly added applications from moving to watched list based on settings.

·         Updating application bibliographic information for all watched applications at every process cycle.

·         Removing a blocked application's new activities from email alert. Newly added applications are classified as watched/unwatched and are not shown in alert.


·         Stay current on the prosecution status of patent applications (your own         and/or competition) through email alerts to follow claim amendments and arguments in applications of interest. For larger portfolios of applications, Max-PAIR™ assists legal operations manage backlogs/bottlenecks

·         Save FTE costs while minimizing errors/misses in docketing work flow

·         Hassle free - there are no manual updates or hardware/software maintenance required.