MaxVal Litigation Databank Launches ITC Case Alerts

MaxVal Litigation Databank Launches ITC Case Alerts

Now law firms, litigators and analysts can receive US ITC case alerts without logging into ITC portal and EDIS system

Los Altos, CA: MaxVal recently launched ITC Case Alerts, a part of MaxVal’s Litigation Databank services. This custom alert is sent with details of newly filed and instituted US ITC (United States International Trade Commission) cases.

Key Features

·         Detailed case information such as complainant(s), respondent(s), patent numbers , case number, complaint filed date, date of institution, and current status of the case

·         Direct link to complaints by clicking an icon/URL instead of logging into ITC EDIS system and search cases

·         Customized alert frequency options (daily/weekly/monthly)


·         Stay updated with all recent ITC case filings and institutions

·         Periodic/timely alerts to perform timely actions

·         Eliminate the complex process of extracting documents from EDIS (Electronic Document Information System)

·         Saves time, costs and reduces complexity


MaxVal also offers further detailed study of cases during proceedings and closure