Max-Insight Dashboard – A New Enhancement from MaxVal

Maxval introduces Max-Insight’s dashboard, helping users access all its solutions and services from one page.

This Dashboard as shown in the image below enables users to:

Ø      View the usage count of all the tools based on the current plan

Ø      View features of the current plan and upgrade as needed

Ø      Access brochures for all of MaxVal’s products/services.


C:\Users\Sindhu\Desktop\Max-Insight Dashboard enhanced.PNG


With this UI change, MaxVal has also introduced direct access to other solutions like Annuity Payer and Patent Assignment Tracking services.

Max-Insight Collection

Max-Insight is a suite of patent tools available from MaxVal Group. Max-Insight enables you to access them under one roof, which is efficient and saves time in managing patent related activities. These tools are designed for analyzing patent portfolios or performing administrative tasks relating to patents easily and quickly. Some popular tools of Max-Insight are Patent Term Estimator, Patent Family Tree, IDS Generator, Claim Chart Generator, etc.

Max-Insight is available in individual subscriptions: Free, Bronze, Silver and Gold with varying usage levels, as well as unlimited enterprise access plans.