MaxVal’s PubAlert

Alerting clients of recently published patents and applications in their field of interest

MaxVal provides a Patent Publication Alert (PubAlert) service to assist clients monitor relevant patents and applications in their field within days of their publication by a patent office. These publications are retrieved by searching patent databases using the client-provided relevance criteria including assignee and inventor names, technology or product feature descriptions. MaxVal’s team of analysts can optionally review and cull the search results to provide a concise and actionable report to the client. The alerts are provided at client-preferred intervals, typically once, twice or four times a month.

Custom Alert Management
The alert can either be emailed to the client or the results can be viewed using a web-app on MaxVal’s secure server configured with customizable data retention rules. Within MaxVal’s PubAlert web-app a client may Review, Save, Transfer (internally, to another reviewer), Watch or Delete a record. The Watch utility allows a particular record to be added to the client’s PAIR Alert account after which the client can track the prosecution status of that US, EP or PCT application. For more information or a demo of the PubAlert web-app or PAIR Alert service, please contact

Cutting-edge Competitor Scoop

Practitioners would like to proactively monitor their competitors’ patent filing strategy and identify technologies/markets/products that their competitors are focusing on. However, this type of monitoring typically consumes a lot of the practitioner’s time and effort. Maxval’s service uses technology, patent-searching experience and domain knowledge to deliver a concise timely report to meet this need.

Key Features

§         Follow specific assignees, inventors or technologies.

§         Receive updates of published patents and applications once, twice or four times a month

§         Customize the search criteria and keep it current

§         Optionally, have MaxVal’s analysts review and shortlist the search results



§         Spot trends and competitor moves

§         Keep abreast of developments in relevant technology areas

§         Reduce supplemental IDS filing and RCE costs if the references need to be disclosed in the prosecution of your own applications

§         Early identification of acquisition targets

§         Identify newly published patent applications filed whose prosecution you want to monitor (using services such as the PAIR Alert service)