MaxVal Introduces Pharma Patent Litigation Alerts

U.S. courts are witnessing a rising trend of Pharma patent litigations that cause Pharma companies to pay millions of dollars as penalties or settlements and impacting their market value as well.

MaxVal Group, a Silicon Valley based patent portfolio management company launches Pharma Patent Litigation Alerts to serve Pharma companies, analysts, attorneys and law firms associated with the Pharma industry to track patent litigations and access an array of inside information on cases filed. The cases are sourced every day from over 90 + US courts. This service helps in saving a lot of time and cost in tracking Pharma patent litigations.

Features of the daily alert email:

ü       Pharma patent infringement cases (filed, closed cases for the previous day)

ü       Patents in suit

ü       Products involved

ü       Links to MaxVal Litigation Databank for detailed view of case

ü       Links to documents such as civil dockets, complaints, etc.

ü       Outcome of closed cases

Pharma companies, Patent attorneys, Law firms, and analysts can benefit by

ü       Staying updated every day with the recently filed and closed Pharma patent litigations along with the outcome of the cases

ü       Mitigating the risk of litigation and/or missed opportunities

ü       Instantly assessing the potential threat from a litigator

ü       Knowing how a patent was asserted and how was it dealt

ü       Saving cost and time