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MaxVal to Sponsor IIPLA Annual Meeting in Silicon Valley – Oct 9-10, 2017We are pleased to announce that MaxVal will be a sponsor for the International Intellectual Property Law Association (IIPLA) Annual Meeting in Silicon Valley on October 9th and 10th, 2017.The IIPLA Annual Meeting is one of the leading events for IP experts, law firms, owners, and investors from all over the world. Every year the IIPLA identifies the focus points of the IP community and becomes a dedicated forum for anyone managing IP-related challenges to learn and share best practices.Posted On: 9/27/2017View
MaxVal and Unified Patents Partner to Provide More Protection for PatentsUnified patent members wiill get the symphony lite version with no additional costWe are pleased to announce that MaxVal has partnered with Unified Patents to provide a Lite version of MaxVal’s SymphonyTM intellectual property management platform to Unified members at no additional cost. Posted On: 9/20/2017View
MaxVal Patent Litigation Databank expands coverage to include Global Patent Litigation DataMaxVal announces the global data expansion of MaxVal’s Litigation Databank with the inclusion of valuable non-US litigation dataMaxVal’s Litigation Databank is an exhaustive collection of litigation data including cases of US District Courts, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, International Trade Commission, Supreme Court and PTAB (Patent Trial and Appeal Board). MaxVal’s Litigation data already provide insights for some of the leading patent analytics providers including WIPS,, and Aistemos as well as industry innovators such as Unified Patents. Posted On: 5/5/2017View
MaxVal Sponsors and Exhibits at IP Counsel Cafe – May 10-12, 2017MaxVal is sponsoring the upcoming IP Counsel Café, one of the largest annual gathering of IP Counsel and professionals, May 10-12, 2017 in Palo Alto, CA. As an exhibiting sponsor, MaxVal will demonstrate their end-to-end Intellectual Property Management platform, symphony and participate in various networking opportunities throughout the event. From invention capture, docketing to annuity management, symphony brings all facets of IP management onto one stage.Posted On: 3/29/2017View
MaxVal Launches SymphonyIAM - an Innovative Intellectual Asset Management PlatformSymphonyIAM enables better IP management and reduced risks for Innovative OrganizationsSymphonyIAM is the complete intellectual asset management platform that enables IP counsel and IP managers to mitigate risk and manage better by providing visibility, insight and control over their intellectual assets.Posted On: 9/26/2016View
MaxVal’s Litigation Databank to supplement Aistemos’ IP Analytics Platform, CipherLos Altos, CA – MaxVal Group, Inc. is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Aistemos, Europe’s leading IP analytics company, for its patent litigation data. US-based MaxVal has licensed its curated patent litigation data and the databank application programming interface (API) for integration into Aistemos’ global IP intelligence platform, Cipher.MaxVal’s Patent Litigation Databank is a comprehensive collection of cases (71,000+) of the US District Court, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, International Trade Commission, Supreme Court, and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. It has fully searchable databases related to patent litigation from ECFs, PACER, ITC, etc.Posted On: 6/3/2016View
WIPS Global Purchases MaxVal’s Curated Patent Litigation DataMaxVal’s patent litigation databank is an exhaustive collection of cases (71,000+) of the US District Court, Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, International Trade Commission, and Supreme CourtMaxVal’s patent litigation databank has state of art features like proactively monitoring and querying whether patents of interest have been litigated, gaining analytical insights on judges, plaintiffs, defendants, filing trends and courts, and staying updated with patent litigation alerts.Posted On: 1/14/2016View
MaxVal Releases the PTA Wizard – A DIY Tool to Calculate USPTO Patent Term AdjustmentsMaxVal has just released the PTA Wizard – a powerful do-it-yourself tool for verifying the patent term adjustment calculations of the US patent and trademark officeThe PTA Wizard allows users to view all the data and see how it has been used to compute the PTA. Users can make changes to the data to see the impact of missing data or mistakes that may have been made on the PTA.Posted On: 12/30/2015View
The MaxVal Group and George Mason University Partner for Patent Litigation ResearchMaxVal’s Litigation Databank to be used by GMU’s Center for Study of Public ChoiceThe MaxVal Group today announces that it is providing detailed case level data from its Patent Litigation Databank to George Mason University’s Center for Study of Public Choice. MaxVal’s comprehensive database contains over 46,000 patent litigation cases from the US District Court, International Trade Commission and US Court of Appeals. The Center for Study of Public Choice will use the data in its research on the relationship between Patents and Innovation. Posted On: 8/20/2015View
MaxVal Enhances PTAB Alerts with Case OutcomesIndustry leading alert service now contain outcomes of cases from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB)The newly upgraded PTAB alert service from MaxVal allows clients to track all new petitions, institution decisions, and the outcome of closed cases such as settlements or claims being invalidated or cancelled.Posted On: 7/27/2015View
Max-IDS Enhancements”Do more, add more value; make your job easier with MaxVal’s automated solution for IDS"Max-IDS is a stand-alone web based software product. It is an easy to use, integrated, and customizable environment for legal operations to collaboratively manage patent references and generate IDS with a few clicks. Clients also have the option to benefit from MaxVal’s cost-effective data migration and data upkeep services. Posted On: 5/28/2015View
MaxVal Litigation Databank Launches ITC Case AlertsNow law firms, litigators and analysts can receive US ITC case alerts without logging into ITC portal and EDIS systemMaxVal recently launched ITC Case Alerts, a part of MaxVal’s Litigation Databank services. This custom alert is sent with details of newly filed and instituted US ITC (United States International Trade Commission) cases.Posted On: 5/21/2015View
MaxVal’s “PAIR Uploader” –Enhanced Version ReleasedEfficient solution helping Paralegals upload documents in bulk and manage documents from their desktopPAIR Uploader is a desktop application designed to allow users to upload their EFS ready documents in bulk into PAIR. The tool obviates the need to upload documents one by one, thereby simplifying IDS filings.Posted On: 5/13/2015View
Max-PAIR – EnhancementsMaxVal’s Max-PAIR is a private PAIR alert desktop assistant that enables legal operations and responsible attorney(s) track and email PTO activities for applications associated with a customer number.With Max-PAIR’s enhancement now attorneys can •View (automatically) IFW activities for their applications with periodic alerts •Receive up-to-date bibliographic information of their applications •Select their desired applications with the customized drop down menu, e.g. PCT, Provisional and Non Provisional applications. Posted On: 4/23/2015View
Max-Insight - Patent Assignment TrackerPatent Assignment Tracker, to track USPTO assignments. Patent Assignment Tracker will be available as a part of Max-Insight, a suite of patent life-cycle management tools.Within the Max-Insight dashboard, users will now have an option to track when assignments relating to target applications/patents/entities of interest are recorded. Using this solution, Max-Insight users can monitor a specific assignor or assignee or a patent and get alerted whenever a patent is purchased or sold by an entity, or when there is a change in assignment for a set of patents.Posted On: 4/20/2015View
MaxVal Releases Annuity Payer Law Firm EditionCombining more than a decade of patent management experience with an intuitive annuity management engine built from the ground up, MaxVal’s Annuity Payer provides a reliable and cost-effective annuity payment and management solution.MaxVal’s Annuity Payer is a cost-effective and intuitive patent annuity management solution powered by MaxVal’s patent experts and the AP web-based platform. MaxVal’s Annuity Payer patent annuity management solution offers cost-effective annuity payment with simplified workflow and transparent fee structure. Posted On: 4/13/2015View
MaxVal’s Litigation Checker Now Enhanced to Identify Design and RE Patent LawsuitsThe updated version of Litigation Checker has a dynamic feature inbuilt, where you can now check litigation status of US design (D) and re-issued (RE) patents. Litigation Checker, a lighter version of the MaxVal’s Litigation Databank that gives quick answers on the litigation history of a patent. Entering the patent number in the tool and clicking on VERIFY tells you if it’s been litigated or not, along with the number of cases. Posted On: 3/20/2015View
MaxVal’s PAIR Uploader – An Effective Tool to Upload Documents for IDS filingEfficient app helps Paralegals upload documents in bulk and manage IDS filings from their desktopPAIR Uploader (Beta) is a desktop application designed to allow users to upload their EFS ready documents in bulk into PAIR. The tool obviates the need to upload documents one by one, thereby simplifying IDS filings.Posted On: 1/23/2015View
Max-Insight Dashboard – A New Enhancement from MaxValMaxval introduces Max-Insight’s dashboard, helping users access all its solutions and services from one page. This Dashboard as shown in the image below enables users to: > View the usage count of all the tools based on the current plan > View features of the current plan and upgrade as needed > Access brochures for all of MaxVal’s products/services. Posted On: 11/26/2014View
MaxVal’s PubAlertAlerting clients of recently published patents and applications in their field of interestMaxVal provides a Patent Publication Alert (PubAlert) service to assist clients monitor relevant patents and applications in their field within days of their publication by a patent office. These publications are retrieved by searching patent databases using the client-provided relevance criteria including assignee and inventor names, technology or product feature descriptions.Posted On: 10/10/2014View
MaxVal Announces the Acquisition of Intellectual Assets, Inc.MaxVal Group, Inc., a leader in patent lifecycle management has acquired Intellectual Assets Inc. (IAI), a Silicon Valley based IP Advisory services firm. The combined skill sets, capabilities and resources of MaxVal and IAI can now service a broader client base whose products or services depend on Intellectual Property for their inspiration and protection. IAI will operate as a division under MaxVal and IAI’s clients will continue to receive the excellent quality of service, work products and advice that has been provided by IAI in the past. The combination of MaxVal and Intellectual Assets Inc. will continue to develop, share and use cutting edge IP assessment tools and proprietary software to optimize patent lifecycle management.Posted On: 10/1/2014View
MaxVal Introduces Pharma Patent Litigation AlertsU.S. courts are witnessing a rising trend of Pharma patent litigations that cause Pharma companies to pay millions of dollars as penalties or settlements and impacting their market value as well. MaxVal Group, a Silicon Valley based patent portfolio management company launches Pharma Patent Litigation Alerts to serve Pharma companies, analysts, attorneys and law firms associated with the pharma industry to track patent litigations and access an array of inside information on cases filed. The cases are sourced every day from over 90 + US courts. This service helps in saving a lot of time and cost in tracking pharma patent litigations. Posted On: 9/4/2014View
Patent Annuity Payment Made Simple with MaxVal’s Annuity PayerMaxVal’s Annuity Payer provides a reliable and cost-effective annuity payment and management solution.MaxVal is delighted to launch Annuity Payer to provide the most reliable, intuitive, and cost-effective patent annuity payment and management solution available to patent counsel and patent portfolio managers. Posted On: 7/22/2014View


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