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Patent Term Calculator


Key Features

Order comprehensive calculations at $100 per patent.

MaxVal will calculate the expiration date considering:

  • PTA (Patent Term Adjustment)
  • Continuity (Identifying the correct priority date for term calculation)
  • Terminal Disclaimer filed and the decision by PTO in Public PAIR
  • Maintenance fee status (whether paid and current)
  • PTE (Patent Term Extensions) (if any)
  • Contact us for bulk pricing

A comprehensive report will be delivered to you within one business day.

Priority data for the free tool is collected from INPADOC. We have found that INPADOC sometimes contains incorrect priority information. For manual verification of all dates, PTA, TD, PTE, etc. please order our comprehensive calculation.
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We can provide comprehensive bulk calculation of the patent term and expiry date of US patents considering Patent Term Extensions(PTE)/Patent Term Adjustment (PTA), Terminal Disclaimers (TD) and Maintenance Fees paid. Contact Us

About Patent Term Estimator

This is a free web-based tool that automatically calculates patent terms and expiration dates for U.S. utility patents.

  • All you need is the U.S. patent number and the tool will automatically fetch the relevant information for the calculation;
    you can also enter the information manually.
  • For bulk or comprehensive calculation, which would consider Terminal Disclaimers, Patent Term Adjustments, etc.,
    please contact us.
  • This is a free tool provided by MaxVal Group to help patent attorneys, agents, businesses and inventors.
    Please refer to our terms and conditions before using this tool.

Demo Video

Click on the video below to view a demo on how this tool works

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