Guidelines on How to Generate a Patent Family Tree using PFTG

Here are the two very simple steps to generate a patent family tree:

Step 1: Enter the patent number or patent application you want to generate a family tree for

Step 2: Hit ‘Get Family Tree’

Note: Work email ID should be provided in the respective field, which will be treated confidentially and will only be used to send updates to serve you better.

Since the new version operates using Java, it would require one or two more clicks to get the family tree displayed.

Figure : Java Update - 1

This screen (Figure 1) will appear after the first time Java is updated. Once Run is clicked, Figure 2 will appear seeking permission.

Figure : Java Update - 2

The tool now displays a graphical tree of the patent family based upon information available via INPADOC. The resulting tree identifies cited parents and all descendants of the patent or patent application. The results are displayed instantaneously.

Figure : Sample Output

1. Legend indicating the color classifications.

2. Bibliographic details of the selected patent/application.

3. Buttons that help viewing the family tree more closely.