An email-based assistant that assists legal operations and responsible attorney(s) track PAIR/EPO patent prosecution status and IFW updates for patent applications of interest (your own or your competitors')

PAIR is the Patent Application Information Retrieval system of USPTO that displays information regarding patent application status. Users can track the status of a public patent application as it moves from publication to final disposition

MaxVal PAIR/Prosecution Alert Service

  • Take advantage of this personalized service and be notified by e-mail on the latest status of application(s) as they are updated in PAIR/EPO.
  • The updates will be fetched using software that monitors prosecution activities in PAIR and EPO, and emailed to you.
  • The e-mails are in a user friendly format that allows you to track the prosecution and sent to you at weekly, monthly or other set frequency.

Alert Setup

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Alert Frequency
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List of Alerts

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